As a business owner, you’re always concerned about the bottom line. While cutting sunken costs, finding quality staff, and expansion are all effective ways to improve profitability, you could be missing another great way to build your business skyward: green energy. Over the past decade or so, green energy for small businesses has become more affordable and more readily available. As a result, you can integrate green energy into your business model to not only improve your profitability but also to improve your reputation.

Work with a Green Energy Consultant

How much do you know about green energy? Chances are you’ve heard the phrase and have a basic understanding, but implementing it isn’t nearly as inherent. In this scenario, hiring a green energy consultant can pay dividends.

Green energy consultants are well-versed in the products that can save you money, as well as integrating them into your business. Furthermore, substantial knowledge of potential savings and tax breaks makes them the ideal partner. Rather than going it alone, a consulting firm makes the process simple, finds solutions that meet your business needs and does it all with minimal hassle to your business operations.

Our team at 3 Phases Renewables work directly with businesses to help them get the most out of their Reusable Energy shift.  We can provide you with the various solutions, applications, and options available for your business so you can make an informed decision.

Green Energy Solutions for Your Business

Green energy comes in many varieties with varying cost structures and scalability. While a renewable energy consultant can identify products that are beneficial to your business, understanding what’s available on the market can give you a better idea of how to plan and budget for your energy upgrades.

Solar Energy

Perhaps the easiest way to integrate green energy for small businesses is through solar energy. Solar energy panels have become far more affordable for business uses and installation can be completed in a matter of days.

In addition, the federal Investment Tax Credit allows you to write off 26% of installation costs, making it an attractive option to upgrade to green energy while getting a significant tax deduction.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

With the stroke of a pen, President Biden’s new executive order aims to make half of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. electric by 2030. While it’s an ambitious goal, being proactive in your approach to electric vehicles is a savvy move.

By installing charging stations for electric vehicles on your premises, you can attract top workers, promote zero emissions, and showcase your business’s social responsibility.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps harness the power of the temperature underground to make heating and cooling more cost-effective. Below the surface of the Earth, the temperature remains constant, often hovering between 50 and 60 degrees year-round. By burying your HVAC system (heat pump, air delivery system, and exchanger) underground, heating or cooling the air costs far less than temperatures above the surface. This significantly cuts HVAC costs while keeping your office comfortable throughout the year, regardless of frigid temperatures or heat waves.

Become an Early Adopter

It’s easy to say “I told you so” in many facets of business, but with green energy, all the evidence of savings and an increased bottom line is right in front of you. So rather than wait until you’re ostensibly forced to get green energy, become an early adopter. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also enjoy an improved reputation from customers, local government, and the community. That’s a win-win situation if there ever was one.

Give us a call to discuss all the options available for your business with our experienced team at 3 Phases Renewables.