With agreements and resolutions throughout the world advocating for the use of renewable energy from sustainable sources, the green energy innovation conversation is in full effect. Not only do these green technologies provide clean sources of energy, but they’re also applicable to businesses of all sizes. From electric car stations to solar panels, here’s a look at the latest innovations in green energy and how to implement them at your business.

Popular Green Energy Innovations for Businesses

The use of green energy in businesses isn’t a new idea. Yet the lower entry-level price points have made the technology far more accessible to small businesses. With the help of a green energy consultant, which can facilitate the green energy installation process and upkeep, businesses can now produce renewable energy that pays dividends. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprints, as well as enjoy a higher bottom line due to decreased energy costs. Some of the most popular types of green energy for small businesses include:

  • Solar panels
  • Small wind turbine
  • Hydropower generated at another location

Keep in mind that businesses can also do other things to their business to limit environmental impact. Set the office thermostat at 72-75 in summer and 68 in winter. Or switch to CFL or LED bulbs. All of these aspects will further enhance a green reputation for your business.

Green Energy on the Cutting Edge of Technology

While wind power, solar power, and electric cars have been around for decades, innovators in the green energy business have put together numerous new products that may revolutionize the industry. Some of these include:

  • Liquid sunlight, which is a product that can store solar energy for up to 18 years.
  • Solar energy trees, which are 3D-printed trees with artificial leaves that act as solar panels.
  • Artificial photosynthesis, which is used to generate energy, but with the only hydrogen as a byproduct.

The practical use of such products may still be a few years or decades away. But the ingenuity behind each innovation shows that green energy isn’t just a fad or an industry that’s failing to evolve. Rather, it’s an industry that’s perhaps more groundbreaking and inventive than other energy companies and sectors.


Benefits of Green Energy Innovation for Small Businesses

Businesses that use green energy can benefit dramatically. Not only will the business receive a boost in reputation, but it can also cut energy costs, take advantage of certain tax breaks, and reduce waste. Although these green energy initiatives may come with higher upfront costs, the payoff is well worth the investment

Why You Should Consider a Green Energy Consulting Firm

Despite the distinct advantages of green energy, few businesses know how to implement them in their daily business activities. That’s why business owners should consider 3 Phases

Renewables as their green energy consulting firm.


The goal of a green energy consultant is to evaluate current business practices with regard to current energy usage and waste. Through an analysis of the business, our team will offer suggestions on how to minimize waste and reduce the overall environmental impact of the business.


Using our expertise, the 3 Phases Renewables’ team can streamline the process of sustainability. In addition, we can also oversee the installation and proper maintenance of popular renewable energy products such as solar panels or electric car-charging stations.


As government entities and businesses attempt to reduce the use of fossil fuels, green energy becomes the only realistic possibility for the future. With the combined use of innovative technology and a green energy consultant, renewable energy will not only become more popular but also create sustainable energy sources for future generations.


We look forward to helping maximize the benefits of renewable energy.  Give us a call.