Going green has become more popular in the past decade due to global and national desires to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. While individual consumers might make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV) or solar panels, businesses can also benefit. An improved reputation and more affordable power bills are two of the advantages, but California provides even more incentives to businesses. With Low Carbon Fuel Standard rebates, your business can reap monetary benefits and make the right step toward a cleaner tomorrow.

What Are LCFS Credit Rebates?

Introduced in 2007 and passed in 2011, California introduced the first low carbon fuel standard in the world. With this law, California aimed to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions at every level, ranging from refineries down to consumer vehicles.

Administered by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Low Carbon Fuel Standard, or LCFS, credit rebates provide tax credits and incentives to companies that install charging stations at their place of business.

The amount of the LCFS credit is determined by the amount of energy provided to electric vehicles via EV charging stations. These prices can fluctuate, but charging just one EV daily can provide up to $1,500 in rebates each year while charging 10 cars regularly gives you a rebate of $15,400 per year on average.

How to Establish an Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet for Your Business

Although less than 1% of fleet vehicles in the United States are electric, don’t let that deter you from adopting an EV fleet for your business. The advent, popularity, and increased production of electric cars and plug-in hybrids make your transition to green cars far more streamlined.

In 2021, the federal tax credit was $4,500 per electric vehicle, but a September 2021 bill introduced to Congress may raise this to $12,500 a car. This makes establishing an electric vehicle fleet even more enticing.

To establish a fleet, start small. You don’t have to replace every car at once. More importantly, you should set a target date to go all electric. This gives you the ability to measure your goals and take the necessary steps to creating an electric vehicle fleet.

Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Business

To build an EV fleet and receive the LCFS rebate, you absolutely must have EV charging stations. But thanks to more companies offering this service, finding an installer is quick and easy. Installing several charging stations from providers such as ChargePoint, Blink, or Volta can get your fleet juiced up. You may also be eligible for tax credits of up to $30,000 from federal programs in addition to the rebates you get from the LCFS.

Why You Should Work with a Green Energy Consultant

While seemingly simple in theory, establishing an EV fleet and installing charging stations are far easier with the help of a green energy consultant. Our team at 3 Phases Renewables understands the needs of businesses and are experts at implementing EV- and green-related products.

So don’t try to go it alone. Contact our green energy consultants to provide you with a detailed assessment so you can get the most out of your green initiatives.