To connect commercial and industrial companies to the clean and affordable energy mix of their choice.

3 Phases Renewables provides clean and affordable energy solutions to companies, municipalities, utilities, and community choice entities of all forms and sizes. This includes supplying power to some of the largest, most demanding Fortune 500 enterprises.  We take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations in the clean energy space by providing a portfolio of specialized energy products that include direct accessdistributed generation projects, and renewable energy certificates (RECs).  We appreciate that each organization has its own unique sustainability goals.  It’s our objective to bring freedom and power-of-choice to our customers by optimizing the delivery of customized clean affordable energy solutions in a way that precisely meets those goals.

Our Company’s roots date back to 1994, when we started 3 Phases as a small power systems consulting firm. In 2000, we became an Electric Service Provider. We’re humbled by the trust that our customers have placed in us for nearly 20 years and we welcome the opportunity to earn yours.

“Our commitment to sustainability starts at the workplace, but our greatest impact is achieved through the services we offer.”

– Mike Mazur, Founder


We are a recognized green power pioneer dedicated to providing clean alternatives to energy obtained from fossil fuels. We began our green initiative almost two decades ago and our team has over 30 years of experience in this industry. As a certified Electricity Service Provider (ESP) by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), 3 Phases Renewables continues to be the industry leader in providing our customers with green power solutions.

Michael Mazur started 3 Phases Electrical Consulting as a provider of technical engineering and electricity consulting services.

3 Phases Energy Services officially launched in California as a renewable Electric Service Provider in Southern California Edison territory

Expanded Direct Access services into all deregulated markets statewide.

Expanded into wholesale and resale REC markets, received Green-e® Certification for REC products.

Launched corporate REC program.

Commenced power scheduling services in California ISO territory. Received EPA DOE Beacon and Business Environmental Network’s Environmental Entrepreneurship Awards.

Partnered with Wells Fargo & Company in the largest corporate commitment to renewable energy to date. Developed Fetzer Vineyard’s 900 KW solar project, the largest array at a U.S. vineyard to date.

3 Phases Renewables formed to continue its commitment to renewable energy.

Market Deregulation partially re-opens in California. 3 Phases began accepting new commercial and industrial customers for direct access.

Pioneered power purchase agreement model for onsite microturbine generation applications.

Installs first C1000 (1 MW) microturbine in California.

Moved into a LEED Silver certified building in El Segundo, California, complete with solar rooftop generation and electric car charging stations.

Begins selling to California Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs) and delivers wind energy to Lancaster Choice Energy and Marin Clean Energy.

3 Phases was awarded a South Bay Environmental Coalition SEED Award and became a certified B Corp.


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