Whether you’re building your reputation, reducing your carbon footprint, or a mix of the two, setting clean energy goals is vital to every business. By relying on clean, green energy, you have a sustained power source that’s dependable and affordable. However, you have many ways to choose your clean energy. With wholesale products and services, businesses have the ability to select their provider and turn their clean energy goals into reality. Here’s how to do it.

California Direct Access Program

Businesses are in a unique position to take control of their clean energy goals through the California Direct Access Program. Started in 2009, this program allows businesses to choose its electric service provider (ESP) instead of through a regulated utility company.

So, what does this mean for you as a business owner? With the ability to choose where your power comes from, you can transition from fossil fuel utility companies to those that solely use sustainable sources. In most cases, this is a far more affordable option. Plus, you’ll move closer to your overall energy goals through a reputable provider.

Our team of nationwide energy consultants at 3 Phases Renewables can help you get there quickly and effectively.  We specialize in clean energy solutions that will help you reduce your carbon footprint with an excellent return on investment.

Distributed Energy Generation

Another positive aspect of green is energy is distributed energy generation. This term refers to sustainable energy sources that create and store energy near the end user instead of at a remote point of origin. In this instance, distributed energy generation refers to any energy generator installed at your business. Some examples of distributed energy generation technologies include:

  • Fuel cells
  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Microturbines
  • Combined heat and power (energy sources that capture extra heat and reuse it)

Unlike normal utility/power grids, distributed energy generation sources provide reliable power at a fraction of the cost while also relying on sustainable sources. As a result, your business’s power is always self-sufficient, even when power grids fail.

Clean Energy Tax Credits for Businesses in California

As a progressive state in green energy initiatives, California offers plenty of tax incentives for business owners. The Solar Tax Credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit, is one such program. This program offers up to a 26% tax credit for businesses on the purchase and installation of solar power mechanisms by the end of 2020. However, timing is important. Businesses that wait until 2021 will still get a tax credit, but it will only be 10% of the original purchase and installation price. Keep in mind that a backup solar panel is also eligible for this tax credit.

But don’t install green energy products without due diligence. Before you install a power, source or sign up for one of these programs, work with our experienced clean energy consultants to maximize your benefits. We have the expertise and experience to set you up with the ideal clean energy source. Plus, we’ll help you lower your costs while also taking advantage of state and federal tax credits.

Thanks to a plethora of options, your business can get one step closer to dependable green energy without excessive costs. Call us today to discuss all your energy saving options.