If you haven’t delved into newly elected President Joe Biden’s plans on the future of the country, green energy is king. With plans to return the United States to the Paris Climate Accord and a marked investment in both electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy, the Biden administration is looking to pivot from fossil fuels to pure, clean energy. So what does that mean for your business? Well, laggards may be left behind. So make sure you’re sitting in the driver’s seat when the transition happens—not only for a better tomorrow, but for the well-being of your company.

Why Is Clean Energy Important in the Workplace?

Clean energy usage in the workplace is a vital part of day-to-day operations. Not only does it show your dedication to environmentalism, but it also can lower your tax liability and improve your bottom line.

But you don’t have to think about clean energy on a dramatic level. At the least, replacing all the lightbulbs in your office with energy-conserving LEDs is a major step. But if you have the budget to add solar panels, you can also get tax credits in certain states while dramatically lowering your energy bill. The result is more capital to invest in staff, operations, or expansion and a win-win situation overall.

Why You Should Consider EV Charging Stations at Your Business

If you’ve listened to the news over the past year, you’re probably familiar with EV companies such as Tesla, Workhorse, Lordstown Motors, or Nio. Each of the companies are in the midst of an EV revolution, transforming the way that people travel and commute. And with each step these companies take, auto giants such as Ford and GM aren’t far behind.

The result is a cataclysmic vault into EV infrastructure. With every EV produced, the need for charging stations increases. However, these charging stations are few and far between, especially outside of major cities or the West Coast. But you can still do your part.

By installing EV charging stations at your business, you can encourage the use of electric cars while also providing your employees with a perk they’ll appreciate. While in the short term this may lead to a better company culture, the long term might include employee loyalty and longevity with your company.

Hire a Clean Energy Consultant to Turn Your Business into a Lean, Green Machine

Creating a green business isn’t easy. With all of the regulations, tax laws, and variable costs, it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why you should consider a clean energy consultant. These individuals have a strong knowledge of the ins and outs of clean energy while also offering helpful tidbits to lower your costs and increase your bottom line. Don’t go into green energy blindly. Let one of these experienced individuals transition you with ease.

While clean energy isn’t yet the national or global standard, making the first steps toward renewable energy can reap a load of benefits. Not only will you boost your business reputation and social responsibility, but you’ll also get in on the tax breaks and other financial instruments that can reduce your expenses. With a one-two punch of reducing your carbon footprint and business costs, you can forge ahead to profitability in the near future.

Our team of renewable energy consultants is here to assist and get your business ready.  Contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss all the options available for your business.