To the untrained eye, loving the planet and running a business may seem like mutually exclusive events. But with the advancement of ecofriendly business solutions, the opportunity to improve your profits while maintaining a green footprint is better than ever. So if you want to become a better steward for the planet while expanding your business, here are a few ideas of how loving the planet can help your business save money.

Buy Used Furniture

Office furniture isn’t just expensive; it’s also some of the least ecofriendly furniture created. Void of wood and other natural products, office furniture is mostly synthetic fibers, plastic, and metal. With those materials, it’s not exactly ecofriendly.

So if you want to show your love of the planet, look for used furniture whenever possible. Used office furniture or used furniture, in general, can save you thousands of dollars. Plus, repurposed and vintage furniture is in style and original, adding a touch of flair to your interior decor.

Implement a Hybrid Work Schedule

Another way to love the planet while saving money is to implement a hybrid work schedule. As the name implies, a hybrid work schedule is when your staff works from the office on certain days and at home on other days.

The reason that this is a benefit to your business and the planet lies in one aspect: overhead. Without employees at the office each day, you can cut down on energy bills and paper waste.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

While incandescent lighting is all but gone, cheap halogens and CFLs have taken their place. These are still energy-efficient compared to incandescent light bulbs, but they pale in comparison to LED lighting.

When you replace your current light bulbs with LEDs, you can cut your electricity bill by up to 30%. LED bulbs also last three times longer than halogens or CFLs, with some options lasting as long as 20 years.

Install Ecofriendly Power Sources

You may pay your energy bill each month without thinking about ways you can lower it. To this effect, it’s become second nature. But what if you could lower your bill while doing it in an ecofriendly manner? That’s exactly what solar, wind, and geothermal power can do.

By installing a supplementary power system at your business, you can harness the power of the sun, wind, or underground to heat, cool, and power your business. And with tax breaks available, you’ll save a bit on your tax bill and utility bill at the same time.

Consider a Green Energy Consultant to Make the Transition Easier

Although you may see yourself as a DIYer and opportunist, building an ecofriendly business is time-consuming and takes away from your other duties as a business owner. So, if you’re serious about green energy and solutions, talk to our clean energy consultants for ideas and to help you transition with various options available.

A reputable green energy consulting firm has worked with businesses of all sizes and has years of experience working with people just like you. So rather than play a guessing game or simply following a YouTube video, put your trust in people with the knowledge to get the job done. You might just find that going green makes you more green long term.

3 Phases Renewables is here to assist your business in achieving a seamless transition with all your clean energy needs.  Call us to have all your questions answered.