Depending on the type of technology selected you may or may not need a permit to operate.  3 Phases can guide you on the types of technology that are exempt from requiring a permit.  If permits are required, 3 Phases Renewables will work with the necessary agencies to obtain your permit(s) in a timely manner.

Yes. There are a number of incentives available at the federal, state, and local level for many types of technology.  3 Phases will analyze all available incentives when assessing a project’s potential and handle the processing of incentives on your behalf.

Yes.  3 Phases Renewables will gather all required information to submit your interconnection application and work with your local utility to obtain your interconnection agreement prior to installation.  

Additional information on interconnection can be found here:

When you install onsite generation, you may still be charged departing load charges from your local utility. These charges vary based upon your utility and rate, and the type of technology you install. 3 Phases will analyze your current rate and make you aware of all departing load charges.

Depending on the type of technology you install, you may have to pay utility standby charges. Certain technologies are exempt from standby charges. 3 Phases will guide you through how standby charges are applied and provide you with an analysis of estimated charges you will incur as a result of installing onsite generation.