3 Phases Renewables is not affiliated with any local utility company.

Electricity prices are determined by the competitive forces of supply and demand. The short-term price can fluctuate significantly from day to night, season to season, weekday to weekend. Longer-term electricity prices are determined by factors like population and economic growth and environmental policies (i.e., shutting down coal fired power plants).

You will receive a bill from 3 Phases Renewables for energy and will continue to receive a bill for distribution services from your existing utility provider.

Direct Access electric service is offered in California and Oregon.

No, we know how to maximize the value of your energy investment regardless of the size and scale of your business. 3 Phases Renewables offers no cost, no obligation proposals to any size commercial business and industrial customers.

The Letter of Authorization is required to give us permission to obtain usage data from the local utility and exchange on-going information regarding your account where applicable.

No. Your utility is bound by law to provide equal service to all of its customers on a non-discriminatory basis.

If you lose power or if you have an emergency related to your power, you must still notify your utility. Utilities are required to respond with equal attention to all of their customers and they do not and cannot discriminate against customers that use energy service providers (ESPs) such as 3 Phases Renewables.

Yes. The only difference is that you will also be saving money as a commercial customer of 3 Phases Renewables. Your local utility owns the power lines that carry electricity to your business or organization and they will continue to bill you for the delivery of electricity at rates governed by the state. 3 Phases Renewables will supply the actual electricity.

California utilities provide electricity to homes and businesses by generating the power, transmitting it through major power lines, and then distributing it through smaller power lines. The Direct Access Program gives you the option to purchase your power from electric service providers (ESPs) such as 3 Phases Renewables, creating better prices. Your utility will continue to provide reliable transmission and distribution services to you.

No. Direct Access creates choices for customers as well as better opportunities for the economy and the future. California never fully deregulated. The problems in California stemmed primarily from a lack of new generating capacity and an ill-designed restructuring law. The California legislation barred utilities from entering long-term wholesale agreements for electricity and simultaneously capped retail rates that utilities could charge consumers. As a result, the utilities were unable to protect themselves from wholesale price spikes and consumers were shielded from price signals that would have led to conservation.

Subject to the rules established for the limited re-opening of Direct Access, all non-residential customers, as shown in the table below, are eligible to participate in the Direct Access program

Customer Class
Qualifying Rate Schedules
Small Commercial A, A-TC
Medium & Large Commercial/Industrial AD, A-TOU, AY-TOU, AL-TOU, AL-TOU-DER, OL-TOU, PA-T-1, DG-R, A6-TOU
Agricultural PA
Lighting LS-1, LS-2, LS-3, OL-1, DWL, OL2, OL-TOU

Except for customers currently receiving Direct Access Service, residential customers are not eligible to participate in the Direct Access program.

Upon completion of an Enrollment Agreement, 3 Phases Renewables will submit information to the local utility to transfer your electricity supply to 3 Phases Renewables beginning with your contracted month. The switching of your accounts from your current provider to 3 Phases Renewables will not have any impact on your flow of power, which continues to be delivered by your local utility.

Subject to the rules established for the limited re-opening of Direct Access, you’ll need to give your utility 6 months advance notice in order to transfer to Direct Access service by completing and submitting a 6-Month Advance Notice to Transfer to Direct Access form.  Upon expiration of the 6-month notice period, 3 Phases Renewables can submit a Direct Access Service Request (DASR) on your behalf to transfer from your utility supplied power to 3 Phases Renewables.

We do not add additional charges or fees when a business switches to our service. Some utilities may charge a fee or do a true-up when a business switches from utility service

Usually, physical modifications are not required because we deliver electricity through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your current utility.

The utility is still responsible for the delivery system, its safety and reliability. The utility will maintain the lines and repair them if there is an outage or storm.

When you make the switch to 3 Phases Renewables, your electrical service will continue uninterrupted. You will still have access to your usage and billing history appearing on your delivery bill from the utility.

Direct Access customers that wish to return to their utility bundled service must provide a 6-Month Notice to return to Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS).

Customers can stay on Direct Access during the advance notice period or they can choose to return immediately.  If they choose to return to service provided by their utility prior to the expiration of the 6-month advance notice period, they will be placed on transitional bundled service until the 6-month advance notice period has been completed.  Customers returning to bundled service make a three-year commitment and will not be eligible to return to Direct Access service until their three year period has completed, subject to the rules established for the limited re-opening of Direct Access.