Low- and no-cost savings opportunities enable small businesses to thrive despite adversity or slow seasons. However, many of these opportunities may seem elusive, even to the most savvy business owner.

Enter the world of energy efficiency. With a green energy focus, small businesses can save money each month — often with little upfront costs involved. If you want to improve your bottom line, build an eco-friendly reputation, and earn the admiration of customers, try a few of these energy-efficient opportunities for small businesses.

1. Partner With Green Energy Vendors

Although this method is indirect, partnering with a green energy vendor or supplier enables you to become more energy efficient in your business practices. By selecting these suppliers, you can support the environment and remove excess waste.

2. Get an Energy Audit

One of the trickier aspects of energy efficiency is that many businesses aren’t sure where to start. That’s the issue that a green energy audit solves. Green energy audits reveal opportunities for small businesses to improve their energy usage and discover areas for efficiency growth.

While utility companies may offer a free or low-cost energy audit, choosing a green energy consultant may provide more energy-efficient suggestions beyond the basics. Consider a green energy consultant for your next audit and reap the benefits.

3. Downsize

Moving to a smaller office may seem counterintuitive to growth or expansion, but it’s a win-win regarding energy usage and cost-cutting measures. When you downsize, you eliminate unused space that must be heated and cooled throughout the year. Moreover, a smaller office may cut your rent significantly — allowing you to funnel the excess funds into operations.

A green energy audit may also help you devise whether downsizing is the right option for your needs, including ways to use space more efficiently.

4. Make the Switch to Digital

Paper products are still useful in many business settings, but limiting the amount you use is a way to become more efficient and reduce waste. By switching to digital documentation, you cut down on the cost of paper, eliminate the chance of losing important documents, and build a more eco-friendly office space.

5. Financing Options for Larger Products

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers plenty of programs to help you finance larger eco-friendly products. With a low-interest loan, you can switch to energy-efficient fixtures, transition to solar, wind, or geothermal power, and cut down on your monthly utility bills. In addition, many of these power sources only incur an upfront cost — meaning that they pay for themselves after installation.

6. Analyze Your Products

Green energy consultants can help you determine ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but looking at your business processes and products can also help. Analyze your products, services, supply chain, and logistics to determine the best way to reduce your energy usage.

Keep Improving

No matter what initiatives you decide to employ at your business, you always have room for constant improvement. Keep an eye on energy-efficient office trends, schedule regular energy audits, and never stop improving. It’s the key to a lean, energy-efficient business.

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