On April 22, Earth Day reminds people around the world to be more eco-friendly and demonstrate support for environmentally friendly practices. While you can take steps at home to keep the planet green — recycling, reducing waste, etc. — your business can also make steps toward a sustainable future. Discover ways to keep your business green this Earth Day with a few easy-to-apply suggestions.

1. Pop in Some LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs offer several advantages over CFL, incandescent, and halogen lightbulbs. They are long-lasting, mercury-free, durable, use less energy, and have lower long-term costs. While they may come with a higher upfront cost, you’ll see a difference on your utility bill.

2. Smart Surge Protectors

Everything seems to get smarter these days, and surge protectors — aka power strips — are no different. If you have numerous electronics or appliances to plug in, power strips protect them from power surges, but they still suck power.

Enter the world of smart surge protectors. These ingenious devices automatically turn off when an appliance or electronic hasn’t been used for several hours. When you want to power up one of your devices, the surge protector powers on, saving you money while providing on-demand power.

3. Sustainable Energy Sources

Paying your monthly utility bill is a regular expense for most businesses…or is it? If you have extra money to invest, sustainable energy sources with storage solutions can dramatically lower your energy costs.

Solar, geothermal, and wind power are more affordable than ever, and with the right energy storage solutions, you can use this power whenever you want — even when the grid goes out due to a storm or other issues.

4. Consider Work-From-Home

Having your employees in the office is important for crucial projects, camaraderie, and employee engagement. But you need to add perks in the cutthroat world of attracting and retaining top talent.

Work-from-home has become more popular since COVID, and you need to consider it not only to keep talent but also to keep your business eco-friendly. When you allow employees to work from home a day or two a week, you reduce carbon emissions and pollutants associated with commuting. Plus, you just might find your employees appreciate the gesture.

5. Reusable Swag

Plastic water bottles are an egregious source of waste throughout the world. If you want to avoid plastic going into landfills while promoting your company, reusable swag is the way.

Stainless steel water bottles, tumblers, and mugs emblazoned with your logo avoid single-use cups and bottles and promote your company simultaneously. And all while giving your employees the gift of caffeine or hydration.

Go the Extra Mile with a Green Energy Consultant

Making small changes will assuredly make you a greener business, but you shouldn’t stop at the bare minimum. Scheduling an audit with a green energy consultant can unveil various solutions that will reduce waste, improve energy usage, and ultimately lower operating costs over time. Even on a tight budget, these steps will make you more attractive to clients and a steward of social responsibility.

Our team of reusable energy consultants are standing by to help you assess your green energy initiatives, work closely with you to ensure that you offset the costs with many governments issued credits available to you.  Contact us to book a complimentary consultation today.