While the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic downturn, and civil unrest have been plastered across media outlets for nearly the entirety of 2020, there are issues that have been ignored: renewable energy and the future of the planet. During shelter-in-place orders and temporary quarantine around the globe, the world showed its innate ability to heal itself. From the clearing of fog in cities around China to the clearing of water in Venice, the abandonment of fossil fuels is a vital part of returning balance to the world. So if there’s a silver lining right now, here is some uplifting news about renewable energy in 2020.

Advancements in Fuel Cell Technology

In June 2020, researchers from Washington State University made key advancements in solid oxide fuel cells. Using these cells in vehicles provides a low-pollution and high-energy alternative to gas combustion engines. Interestingly, these cells don’t run on hydrogen, but on power sources such as diesel, biodiesel, and regular gasoline. But because of these high-efficiency cells, cars could run farther than ever before.

World-Record Solar Power Production

Resistive barriers inside of solar cells have often caused electrical impedance within solar systems. Until April 2020, the highest amount of efficiency in solar panels for commercial uses was around 20%. But thanks to scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, this number has been increased to 50%. How quickly this technology can be applied at low cost remains to be seen, but the research is a promising start to full-scale adoption of solar energy.

Wind Power Boom

According to researchers from Cornell University, a study has outlined numerous ways to push the U.S.’s wind power usage from 7% to 20% as planned by the U.S. Department of Energy. Using a supercomputer, these researchers explored plausible scenarios of how wind power can expand rapidly and how to complete the task. Armed with this information, builders, companies, and government officials may be able to increase wind power usage substantially ahead of schedule.

How Companies Can Benefit From Renewable Energy

Renewable energy programs such as solar power, wind power, or electric charging stations for vehicles are exceptional ways to cut energy costs, improve social responsibility, and create an example for its employees. From a business standpoint, the reduction of monthly utility costs and the improvement of a company’s reputation are two worthwhile reasons to invest in renewable energy infrastructure. Plus, the costs of these systems continue to drop as more governments implement tax credits and manufacturers continue to cut production costs.

Therefore, renewable energy is an advisable transition for companies of all sizes. Become an innovator instead of a laggard, and your company can reap the benefits of renewable energy in every aspect of your business.

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Renewable energy is a necessary part of the equation for the health of the planet and the survival and enjoyment of future generations. Despite the continued use of fossil fuels, companies and innovators around the world continue the development of alternative and sustainable energy sources. By bringing this research, development, and application to the attention of industries and individuals, the world just might turn itself around. All it needs is a bit of help from humankind.