According to some statistics, Americans throw away about 25 million tons of garbage each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day—and businesses aren’t immune. That’s an awful lot of waste that simply doesn’t need to happen.

So if you want to do your part and cut waste from the holiday season at your business, the best option is to go green. Discover ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas and do your part to keep the planet just a bit cleaner and greener for the future.

1. Upgrade to LEDs

If you want to integrate a bit of Christmas cheer into the office, Christmas lights are a no-brainer. However, you shouldn’t just keep going with the same old incandescent or CFL options. Take your energy savings one step further by using LED bulbs or light fixtures.

LED lights save up to 90% on energy costs compared to incandescent bulbs while also lasting up to 25 times longer. Not only do you save more on your energy bill, but you also aren’t filling the landfill with bulbs that burn out so quickly.

2. Make the Switch to Recycled Paper

Whether you’re wrapping presents at the office or just printing out your monthly reports, switching to recycled paper is an affordable alternative. Not only is recycled paper cheaper than virgin paper, but it also cuts down on waste. You still get the paperwork you need, you save the environment, and you do it all at a fraction of the cost.

3. Reuse Your Decorations

It may seem like common sense, but many businesses don’t reuse their Christmas decor. They buy it, display it, and throw it in the trash. Not only is that a ton of waste, but it also diminishes your bottom line.

The idea here is to get Christmas decorations that will last for multiple years. They may cost a little bit more, but you can reuse them every year, which leads to even more savings for years into the future.

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

Energy is getting more and more expensive in the face of inflation, market conditions, and even war in Europe. While these aspects are out of your control, you can always reduce the amount you spend on energy and reduce energy usage on the whole by installing a smart thermostat.

Not only do smart thermostats lower your energy usage, but they also learn from your energy and temperature habits. That means you can expect the temperature you want without spending extra cash on top of it.

Give Yourself the Gift of Green Energy for the Future

Giving gifts to your employees and customers is a great way to show your appreciation, but don’t forget to give a little gift to yourself as a business owner by saving money in the future.

That’s why you should consider a green energy consultation. With the help of a green energy professional like our team at 3 Phases Renewables, you can find ways to lower your energy costs, adopt green energy solutions, and ultimately, become a steward of responsibility in the business world. That’s something that could net you some extra cash and the respect of current and future customers.

Got a question? Want to know more about reusable energy and how your business can benefit?  Give us a call to discuss all the options available.