Governments and businesses have talked about green energy for the last two decades. And while initiatives and plans for renewable energy have improved, few people talk about what a business owner can do to make a better tomorrow outside of reducing waste, recycling, or driving an electric car. Unfortunately, few business owners know that building a green business can provide a plethora of benefits to both the planet and their bottom line. So if you want to take a stand against global warming and greenhouse gases, here’s your chance. Build a greener business and reap the benefits.

1. Lowering Your Utility Bills

A green business isn’t just using solar panels or wind turbines. It’s about a holistic approach to sustainability. As a result, everything about your brick-and-mortar location lessens waste and creates value in the form of lower utility bills.

From better insulation to energy-efficient windows, everything in your business is designed to reduce costs further down the road. In most cases, these materials are also of a higher quality than less efficient options, providing not only lower bills but also lower maintenance costs for as long as you own the building.

2. Improved Durability

As mentioned above, a green building often has better-quality materials. But on top of that, many green commercial buildings use materials that also last longer than traditional or standard materials. For example, resilient roofing materials such as tin can last three times longer than shingles. Composite decking — often used in sustainable cafes and restaurants — is another example that doesn’t use wood and often lasts five times as long — all without the added upkeep.

3. Excellent Commercial Resale Value

Green energy isn’t just a fad — it’s becoming a way of life. As such, more and more commercial real estate firms or future business owners are looking for newer buildings that offer green features and sustainability. While you may pay more upfront for sustainable materials, you should see that money back when or if you ever decide to sell your brick-and-mortar or investment property.

4. Less Water Waste

Energy isn’t the sole focus of green building. It also includes water. By using modern water fixtures such as low-flow toilets or sinks with sensors, you use less water overall. The same goes for energy-efficient appliances such as on-demand water heaters.

On top of that, many green buildings come equipped with gray water or rainwater systems that use runoff or the weather to water landscaping. This efficiently and effectively reduces water bills, while also keeping your office front pristine and welcoming.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Few people are experts at everything, especially fresh topics like green energy. Even the most vigorous research may not unearth everything you need to know about building or remodeling a green business. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to call a green energy consultant.

With plenty of knowledge about products and solutions to create a greener, sustainable building, our team at 3 Phases Renewables have the experience and knowledge to turn your business into the envy of the renewable energy community. Just ask for help when you need it, and you may just learn some things to make you an expert in your own right.

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