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Renewable energy for business makes good business sense

Commercial energy rates can have a significant impact on your business. Now with 3 Phases Renewables, you can save on your energy costs and make a better environmental choice.

Break clean from coal

While some Oregon utilities offer “green” options, the sad reality is the two largest Oregon utilities are still highly dependent on coal. Last year PGE served its customers with 27.01% coal power and Pacific Power served its customers with 58.85% coal power. On the other hand, 3 Phases Renewables never supplies electricity that is sourced directly from coal facilities.

Making the move now to renewable energy is the smart move – for the Environment and your bottom line

Did you know that you can easily switch to 100% renewable energy starting in January 2018?  No need for construction or retrofits at your facility to support this – you can simply choose a different, cleaner electricity supplier.

Moving from conventional to clean now is a smart business decision for businesses of all sizes. Fetzer Wineries is just one example of a company that made a conscious business decision to source sustainably and proved that making the clean choice can also save money. To read all about how Fetzer boosted its bottom line while fulfilling their company goals to support renewable resources, complete the form below.

Then talk to us about how you could save and you could receive a $50 Stumptown Coffee Roasters gift certificate or have a donation made in your name to American Red Cross.

Learn how Fetzer Wineries Saved 20% on Energy Costs

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